Welcome to the webpage dedicated to genealogy, historical studies and family tree creation.

I have dealt with history and archival research for several years and gained both university education and significant personal experience in this field.

Recently, more and more people become curious about their family history. Since I have created dozens of family trees I can safely claim that every family can find something interesting in its history - be it its origin itself, uncommon or outright exotic names and surnames or touching fates of ancestors – and that such discoveries can be immensely enriching and inspiring.

In addition to services in genealogy (family tree creation, searching for individual ancestors or relatives) I also offer services in history (research into buildings, villages and towns, archival research etc.).

Please refer to individual sections of this webpage for samples of my work. If you are interested in my services or would like to obtain additional information, feel free to contact me via email or use the contact form.

Best regards, Vojtěch Kemenny